In the fast-paced world of political campaigns, timely access to Absentee Ballot and Early Voting (AB/EV) data is vital. At Data Trust, we’ve transformed our AB/EV data collection and processing by leveraging tools like Azure Data Factory (ADF), Logic Apps, and Microsoft’s Power Automate product, ensuring rapid and accurate data delivery. Historically, manual data collection and processing were labor-intensive, but these tools have streamlined these tasks making data almost instantly available once Data Trust has received these files.

Automation Revolution: Efficient AB/EV Data Collection
In the last presidential election, automation was minimal, with staff manually collecting and processing data around the clock. By 2023, every team member involved in AB/EV data acquisition was trained in the Azure environment, utilizing many tools for comprehensive automation. Data Trust employs five key sources for collecting and processing AB/EV data:

  1. Data Trust FTP: Source data providers directly upload the AB/EV files to Data Trust.
  2. SOS FTP: Files are collected from SOS offices with their own FTP servers.
  3. Email Automation: AB/EV files are automatically read and imported into Azure via the Logic app and Power Automate, handling around 100-150 files daily during peak election season.
  4. Dropbox Integration: AB/EV files in Dropbox are automatically imported into the Azure environment.
  5. Website Scrubs: Automated scripts, facilitated by Power Automate, collect AB/EV files from state websites where available.

Monitoring, Auditing, and State-Specific Solutions
Continuous monitoring of election law changes and file formats is essential. Data Trust has fully automated the process for ninety elections this cycle, significantly reducing manual cleanup time. Certain states have unique AB/EV file formats for each county, making manual processing time-consuming. ADF simplifies this by reading various file formats without user input, reducing processing time and errors.

Enhanced Focus on Local Elections
Improved automation allows Data Trust to focus on local elections. This demonstrates our capability to efficiently handle AB/EV data for both large and small-scale elections. Some states and counties require daily communication to collect AB/EV files. Enhanced automation enables Data Trust to maintain consistent communication, ensuring timely data collection and freeing up staff to focus on strategic tasks.

Empowering Campaign Success with Data Trust AB/EV Data
Automating AB/EV data collection and processing marks a significant advancement for Data Trust. Our innovative approach enhances efficiency and accuracy, allowing staff to concentrate on strategic initiatives. As Data Trust continues to innovate, clients can expect even greater insights and timely data delivery, driving the success of our clients’ campaigns. Ready to experience the benefits of our automated AB/EV data processes? Contact us today to learn more.