Finding the signal amid the noise can get your campaign over the finish line. With over 200 fields available on Data Trust’s national voter file and thousands of consumer data variables for over 300 million individuals, navigating and utilizing these resources can be overwhelming. The team at Data Trust can help you utilize our inventory so that you can create precise voter profiles that match your targeting audiences. Data Trust also has experience providing these services for corporate clients, ballot initiatives, and advocacy-based campaigns. Data Trust will create a tailored service package to help you achieve your organization’s goals.

Reach Voters The Right Way

The Data Trust team will help you leverage our data resources so that you can ensure your message reaches your audience

Know Your Audience

Plug into the vast conservative and Republican data ecosystem maintained by Data Trust to discover actionable insights compiled throughout years of field work and outreach. No matter who is in your audience, our data can tell you more

Strategic Decision Making

Our team has experience helping clients choose the right data to make well-informed decisions to win tough elections, manage advocacy efforts, and develop activist networks

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