Data Hygiene & Quality Assurance

Data quality is something we take seriously at Data Trust. Our top goal is for our clients to win elections, and that starts with having the best in class, most accurate data possible. From the moment data is received to when it is distributed, quality assurance is an integral part of every step of the process. Data can either give you the competitive edge or cause you to falter from the start. Operating with poor quality data leads to misplaced resources, wasted money, inaccurate targeting, and, ultimately, losing campaigns. Having great data increases returns on investment and helps you to efficiently find that last voter. That’s why you must work with a data provider you trust.

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Thanks to its position in the ecosystem, Data Trust can maintain the most accurate data possible by aggregating up-to-date data from multiple resources: public voter files, commercial consumer data, client audiences, proprietary data sources, and other data feedback mechanisms. Using powerful tools within our Azure cloud environment and over a decade of lessons learned, we weed out inaccuracies and fix mistakes that our competitors miss.



  • Column header differentiation pre-check
  • Historical record pre-check (compared to previous files)
  • Duplicate record analysis, cleaning, and removal
  • Garbage record identification and hygiene


  • Major and minor political geography processing and verification – such as new congressional and legislative district lines


  • Identification and addition of missing gender codes
  • Identification and addition of missing consumer birthdates
  • Modeled data matching (Ethnicity, Religion, Language, Partisanship Algorithms, etc.)


  • National Change of Address (NCOA) verification
  • Post Coding Accuracy Support System (CASS) street name and address cleansing
  • Name and address processing, cleaning, and standardization.
  • Geocoding processed for each record based on latitude/longitude
  • Point-in-poly verification for consistency and accuracy of new district lines from files acquired by state and county sources.

Additional Data

  • Accurate/Active Landline and Cell phones
    • National Landline & Cell Appends
    • Monthly acquisition of new registrant phone numbers
  • Proprietary donor match data
  • Two Quarterly Voter/Consumer File Match
  • Email Appends/matching
  • Address history tracking over time

While Data Trust champions automation, each voter file is carefully reviewed by our Data Quality and Development team to ensure the highest quality end product. When you want the best data in politics, choose Data Trust.