Digital Onboarding

Data Trust’s digital team works closely with many digital agencies so that you can access online the same high-quality Data Trust data that our offline clients use. We use our voter, consumer, and microtargeting data to build standard audiences and custom segments for your digital campaigns. Onboard to client specific destinations quickly with our full integrations with all major social media destinations, display, OTT, and IP address-driven platforms. Our competitively priced digital onboarding leverages our industry-leading absentee and early vote collection speed. Data Trust can help you send your ads to a multitude of online destinations, making our service the most effective onboarding process in the industry.

Fresh Data

We provide standard universe refreshes frequently, ensuring you are targeting the most accurate audiences

Custom Builds

We can help you customize your audiences to ensure that you can focus on the right people at the right time

Expanded Contact Options

Over-the-top and Connected TV audience targeting increases the reach for your digital campaign

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Digital Onboarding

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