Polling Samples

Data Trust enhances its voter file with phone numbers from industry leading providers to deliver the best polling samples possible. We update our voter file more frequently than any other organization involved in voter contact or data collection. Leverage the full power of Data Trust’s inventory to best reach voters and consumers across all 50 states and the District of Columbia. Our dedicated polling staff tackles any custom data requests for your polling needs, ranging from national samples to highly specific local districts. Data Trust offers polling samples at a competitive rate which sets the standard for our industry.

Easy Access

Our online platform gives you full access to Data Trust's voter file and the flexibility of pulling samples 24/7

Best Phone Numbers

Enhance and stratify your sample using thousands of models and historical observations to more intelligently target your audience

Most Up To Date Sample

Data Trust’s polling samples incorporate all our standard processing and enhancements for newly registered voters regularly, so there’s no delay anywhere in the country to reach to the newest voters on record

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Polling Samples
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