Democrats Lag Behind GOP in Data Race, Despite Making Progress

August 28, 2020

By Emily Glazer and Deepa Seetharaman Excerpt from the Wall Street Journal: “Data Trust, the most widely used data warehouse on the right, provides a repository for roughly 2,500 data points about more than 300 million people that campaigns and outside groups such as super political-action committees can tap into, said Matt Lakin,...

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Data Trust COO Marinaccio On The Rise Of Political Middleware

July 22, 2020

by James Hercher Data Trust, the main conservative voter data company, is “in the weeds” on issues such as server virtualization and raw data integrations, said Chief Operating Officer Michael Marinaccio. The former digital director for the US Chamber of Commerce and US House of Representatives joined Data Trust last year....

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It’s stunning how far they’ve fallen’: Iowa app farce shows Democrats’ tech slump

February 8, 2020

Excerpt: “The Republican National Committee (RNC) learned the lessons of those defeats, argues lobbyist Henry Barbour, a partner at Capitol Resources, with chair Reince Priebus and his successor Ronna McDaniel recruiting dedicated tech staff. In contrast, the Democratic National Committee (DNC) rested on its laurels. Barbour said: ‘We’re in a strong position...

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