We build, enrich, and maintain the highest quality political data for right-of-center and conservative organization clients.

Big data is our business. Data Trust builds the premier national voter file and combines it with expansive consumer data inventories and individualized analytical models to help our right-of-center clients create a data-first strategy.

Founded in 2011, Data Trust’s mission was simple: provide the best, most affordable political data on the market. Since then, we have developed an unparalleled force of voter and electoral data in the right-of-center data ecosystem.  We now have data on over 300 million individuals and a unique data warehouse that contains nearly 2,500 individual data points, including hundreds that are unique to Data Trust’s inventory.

Data Trust’s tactical, relevant, and accurate voter data provides a foundational data source for nearly all major Republican party committees, campaigns, and conservative organizations, allowing them to contact voters more efficiently—and cost-effectively.  We also offer our expertise to many trade associations and corporate clients, providing big data solutions and precise audience targeting that mobilizes members and engages customers.

Data Trust’s data allows you to build custom audiences to reach voters effectively through nearly every medium, including digital platforms, phone, door-to-door, and mail. This data then is enriched by our clients returning their metrics, creating an expansive ecosystem of Republican and conservative organizations that works to engage voters, win elections, and influence policy.

Despite offering the most up-to-date voter files, constantly refreshed consumer data, modeling library, and data visualizations, our data is affordable to organizations of all sizes and is powered by the most secure infrastructure.

If you work in political data, there is no one better than Data Trust.

High Quality Data

Quality is our guarantee -- Our national voter file includes over 220 million individualized records across all 50 states

Flexible Pricing

We work to find cost efficiencies and keep our prices accessible for clients who need us most

Access & Sharing

We believe that our clients are strongest when we share a single, foundational data ecosystem