Data Trust is excited to announce the creation of an entirely new Data Trust Portal! Leveraging Numinar as our Software-as-a-Service foundation, this new list creation platform houses our national voter file and has an easy click-and-go user interface to quickly generate counts and pull lists of your target voters. This new portal is a place where lists, tags, models, and data exports all live in one centralized location, furthering our mission to provide best-in-class voter data in an accessible, user-friendly, and affordable way.

Informative data visualizations allow you to see distributive counts across selected category filters. These filters include demographic, geography, political, contact, turnout, tags, and models.

When exporting your lists from the portal, simple list-balancing features allow you to dynamically balance your list on multiple demographic criteria.

Data Trust always strives to provide easy access to our data, which is why we are excited to launch this new self-serving data portal. The underlying data will be refreshed each evening, providing access to all of our dynamic new data products, from our monthly nationwide phone refreshes to our refined rural/urban geographic targeting.

If you are interested in gaining access to our new portal or learning more about how Data Trust can assist with your projects, please contact us here.