Our mission at Data Trust is to provide the best, most affordable political data on the market and among the most important data points about a voter is their mobile phone number and usage data. We are excited to announce that Data Trust has completed a substantial new purchase of mobile phone data from Neustar, the recognized leader in consumer phone data. This new data is helping Data Trust verify existing mobile phone data we have for the more than 200 million voters we maintain and add millions of new numbers and unique insights into billions of call transactions to enable more effective targeting.

Neustar data is what leading businesses and government agencies rely on to reach Americans. Neustar customers include top U.S. Banks, Federal law enforcement agencies, and the underlying caller ID technology. Neustar data has proven its effectiveness in the marketplace and Data Trust is bringing their high-quality mobile phone and usage data to our customers.

Data Trust’s investment in Neustar data brought us millions of new mobile phone numbers, increasing our total mobile phone coverage to more than 85% of voter contacts nationally. To add even more value, Data Trust now has precise linkages between a consumer’s name, phone number, and phone activity. With our recent changes in how we update that data in our voter file, these key data elements are now available to clients.

Our investment in Neustar data means two things for Data Trust customers: validation of the existing mobile phone numbers we have for voters & millions of new numbers, and enhanced freshness of our data to ensure it is as accurate as possible.

Data Trust will now refresh our entire phone file & related fields for every voter, every month. New numbers, changed numbers, usage windows, and linkage will get reprocessed each month and made available to clients. That will be a significant enhancement in one of the most important data fields available to target voters.

When comparing Neustar data with the mobile phone numbers Data Trust already had, we were able to validate that more than 80% of our high-quality mobile phone numbers were accurate, proving Data Trust already maintained a high-quality pool of numbers. But that was just the start.

The purchase of Neustar phone data, combined with advances in how we refresh and deliver our voter data, represent an incredible development for Data Trust customers – and come with no increase in prices on our core voter file product.

Providing the best, more affordable data for right-of-center and conservative organization clients is our mission and we are working to meet it every day. We are excited about the innovations this new data will support for our clients and we look forward to announcing other changes in the months ahead.