Although we are still far away from the 2024 presidential election, Data Trust remains laser focused on our mission to provide the best political data at an affordable rate to our clients. Many of our recent improvements to our core data products can already be seen in action during the recent Ohio Issue 1 special election.

Data Trust not only processes Absentee Ballot and Early Vote (AB/EV) data for every statewide primary and general election, but also countless key special elections and other off-year races. In preparation for the over 20 local elections we’ll be collecting AB/EV data for this Fall, our team processed 36 daily files for the Ohio special election earlier this month. What we’re seeing is that rural voters are increasingly open to utilizing pre-Election Day voting methods.

Overlaying our live AB/EV data atop our voter file improvement to our new metro type field, which more accurately identifies differences between urban, town, suburban, and rural metro types, we can see key changes to the voting electorate. Looking at the recent special election in Ohio, Data Trust can draw significant conclusions not only about AB/EV related data from this election but also previous ones from our vast historical database. We can see Ohio’s rural and town voters have had increasing contributions to the overall share of the AB/EV voting activity, achieving their highest portion of the pre-Election Day vote since 2018. 

As absentee and early voting becomes more prevalent, it is more important than ever that live absentee and early voting data is leveraged for targeting and analysis. Data Trust is the leading provider of AB/EV data, and we can help your organization make informed decisions about when voters are casting their ballots. If you are interested in learning more about how Data Trust can assist with your AB/EV projects and related data needs, please contact us here.