Here at Data Trust, we remain committed to providing our clients with the most accurate data available. One way that we track and measure the quality of our data is through digital match reports with our digital partners. These reports tell us which records can be targeted digitally. These reports also show individuals we cannot target digitally and need to be targeted through other means. 

Data Trust has consistently beaten industry standards in this space. While other providers have around 35% of their records matched to a digital device, Data Trust has over 80% of voters matched to a digital device. Check out some of our match highlights below:

  • 84% of Strong Republicans are matched to a digital device.
  • 81% of Hispanic voters are matched to a digital device.
  • At 83%, Suburban voters have the strongest match rate among our different metro types

A great example of how Data Trust is always looking for ways to improve our data is analyzing how introducing Neustar phones to the digital match process significantly increased our match rates. After we incorporated Neustar phones into our digital matching process, our digital match rates grew by over 20% for voters who received a new phone number.

The states that were most impacted by this increase were NV and CA. The below map helps show the lift that Neustar phones provided nationwide.

At Data Trust, we are always pursuing ways to improve our products, providing highly accurate data at an affordable rate for our clients of all sizes, from nationwide access to individual school boards. If you would like to speak in greater detail about our digital offerings, please reach out to your account representative or contact us here.