The ability to identify and engage with your target audience is critical to both voter contact and influence efforts. Critically understanding not only who directs major policy decisions that impact your mission, but also how to reach them, can significantly impact the success of advocacy efforts. The key to this sort of outreach is to go beyond the microtargeting of broader audiences, and to examine the specific decision makers of this sort of legislative action.

We’ve created a case study of the Florida State Legislature to show how Data Trust can leverage the power of our voter data and proprietary data sources and matching algorithms to deliver high quality data products in a cost-efficient manner, staying true to our mission statement.

Identifying Policy Makers – Our team successfully identified over 85.6% of the Florida State legislators.

Reliable Contact Information – 93% of those matched had a highly reliable phone associated with them.

Digital Advertising Opportunities – 70% of our identified policy makers can be targeted through digital ads.

Geo-Targeting for Canvassing – We can identify target voters located inside the neighborhoods of these policy makers so you can directly engage with their constituents in the own backyards.

Data Trust’s expertise lies in harnessing data to empower advocacy organizations, political campaigns, and policymakers. Whether you’re advocating for environmental policies, healthcare reform, or education initiatives, Data Trust can help you identify, engage, and influence the right stakeholders. Data Trust can offer these sorts of powerful audience insights at competitive pricing. Contact us to learn more about how Data Trust can assist your projects and data requirements.