Since we announced over the summer Data Trust’s new acquisition of cell and landline phones sourced from Neustar, we have been eagerly tracking with many of our clients how these phones have been performing relative to our existing source phones on our voter file. Today we are proud to highlight how these investments have substantially improved the quality and accuracy of our data products.

We were able to analyze over 30 million recent phone voter contacts attempted by our clients and found 81% of those had a successful interaction. For clients contacting “high” reliability classification of phones, the new numbers Data Trust received from Neustar had a 90% successful connection rate, which was a slight improvement over an 88.3% rate for Data Trust’s existing numbers. Even more impressive, the Neustar highly reliable landlines had a 95.5% successful connection rate which was a significant improvement over the rate for our existing numbers.

To ensure we properly weighed this from a statistical standpoint, we also conducted market research on these phone sources, separately from those volunteer-driven metrics. What we found here was even more striking, as the number of attempts needed to reach a voter was vastly improved when using Neustar phones.

These results show how we relentlessly pursue our mission, connecting the data backbone of our ecosystem of clients to improve our core data products, without raising any costs. If you haven’t already been leveraging our new premium phones, please reach out to our team today to get scheduled for a demo of our new portal, where all of these phones are loaded up and ready to access.