Here at Data Trust, we are committed to providing the most accurate and up-to-date voter information possible. Ahead of the New Jersey and Virginia legislative elections on November 7th, we wanted to share some insights and trends regarding newly registered.

With each state having unique registration laws, varying political identification, and resources to turn out voters, there are always going to be trends that present themselves in certain states and not others. Despite New Jersey having a higher percentage of their electorate that is considered newly registered, there appears to be much more enthusiasm among new registrants in Virginia to turn out.

However, not all new registrants are the same. New Jersey has partisan registration, so we can look at different turnout rates by partisanship over the years. Newly registered voters who are registered as Republican or Democrat turn out at greater rates, than those that are unaffiliated. Among all new registrants, those who register with a party affiliation have the highest likelihood of turning out.

This last chart examines the demographic categories of age range and metro type for all registrants and new registrants. There are two trends that emerged from this data: New Registrants skew heavily towards the lower age ranges and tend to be more concentrated in urban areas.  These trends have varying magnitudes based on what state you are in, as Virginia‚Äôs newly registered voters appear to skew particularly heavy towards urban locales.

Quickly understanding who your newest voters are is critical to success, stressing the importance of up-to-date, accurate data. Let us know how we can help you and your clients succeed with the best data available by reaching out here.