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MetroType: How Data Trust Handles the Urban-Rural Divide

July 24, 2023

One of the immediate impacts of the Covid-19 pandemic was a realignment in where people choose to live and work. With the rise in remote work offerings, many relocated from dense urban centers to the suburbs and beyond, looking for more space and housing affordability. In addition to its lasting...

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Announcing a Premium New Phone Source

July 11, 2023

Our mission at Data Trust is to provide the best, most affordable political data on the market and among the most important data points about a voter is their mobile phone number and usage data. We are excited to announce that Data Trust has completed a substantial new purchase of...

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New Voter File Format

June 26, 2023

Since the start of 2023, Data Trust has been working on the major project of unifying our voter file format to ensure that there is no difference in the way users interact with our data, regardless of where they receive it from. While many of these formatting changes were already...

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Wisconsin Absentee and Early Voting (AB/EV) Highlights

June 12, 2023

In the most recent Wisconsin Supreme Court election, the Democrat candidate won by a margin of 203,431 votes, or 11%, with modeled Democrats having an 8-point advantage in turnout levels. The higher levels of turnout for modeled Democrats were impacted by voting at higher AB/EV rates compared to Republicans. The...

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