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Data Trust’s Voter Registration Work

May 8, 2023

Data Trust has constantly updated voter file and consumer databases that allow us to identify strong voter registration targets. Data Trust is able to leverage these resources to create unmatched consumer file audiences and new movers lists, provide multiple methods to contact those targets, and track whether those individuals ultimately...

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Data Trust Welcomes New Board Chair, Kyle Hupfer

April 26, 2023

Data Trust’s success in supporting winning Republican campaigns and strengthening Republican capabilities nationwide is due in large part to the vision and guidance of its uncompensated Board of Directors, which includes several current and former Republican leaders. Data Trust is pleased to announce that it has built upon that existing...

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An In-Depth Look at AB/EV Data

October 17, 2022

As Election Day approaches, Data Trust is working hard to collect and organize Absentee and Early Vote (AB/EV) data. We recently sat down with Josh, who leads our Data Acquisition team that is responsible for making sure this process runs smoothly.  Abby: Thanks for joining us Josh. To kick off...

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