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Premium Phone Quality Analysis

October 12, 2023

Since we announced over the summer Data Trust’s new acquisition of cell and landline phones sourced from Neustar, we have been eagerly tracking with many of our clients how these phones have been performing relative to our existing source phones on our voter file. Today we are proud to highlight...

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Insight Gained from Digital Match Reports

September 25, 2023

Here at Data Trust, we remain committed to providing our clients with the most accurate data available. One way that we track and measure the quality of our data is through digital match reports with our digital partners. These reports tell us which records can be targeted digitally. These reports...

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Introducing the Fully Reimagined Data Trust Portal

September 12, 2023

Data Trust is excited to announce the creation of an entirely new Data Trust Portal! Leveraging Numinar as our Software-as-a-Service foundation, this new list creation platform houses our national voter file and has an easy click-and-go user interface to quickly generate counts and pull lists of your target voters. This...

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Ohio AB/EV Data Trends

August 17, 2023

Although we are still far away from the 2024 presidential election, Data Trust remains laser focused on our mission to provide the best political data at an affordable rate to our clients. Many of our recent improvements to our core data products can already be seen in action during the...

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