The Data Exchange

The Data Exchange is a monthly subscription service with access to a subset of Data Trust's data. This service offers access at various geographic levels and data tiers, ranging from a single state's base voter file to a national file enhanced with consumer data.

Your snapshot is delivered as a raw database and updated on a monthly basis with the latest voter list and contact information. If you need the very latest data, please scroll down for our Direct API option.

Direct API

Plug your applications and services directly into the latest and most accurate voter data, and pay for only the data you use. Let us host your subscribed data and enhance it in realtime with the latest information from partners and campaigns on the ground. Build voter relationship tools, voter reports, and contact apps on top of the Data Trust's conservative data platform. Gain further insight into your data by matching voters against the national voter file.

The benefits of our direct API don't stop there. Store your voter tags and contact log entries alongside other right of center organizations. We'll help you repeat the data success in FL-13 by supporting efforts across the field. Check out example apps and docs here.

Client Data Services

Don't want to hire a technical staffer to wade through a database or plug into our data platform directly? Let us answer your questions, build voter queries, provide voter data back, and create high level reports. Our data and reports will empower you to make the most efficient and effective voter contact decisions.

Our client services team collectively has decades of experience servicing political data questions.

Data Enhancements

Our national voter file (50 states + DC) includes:
  •    ◦ Age/Gender/Demographics
  •    ◦ Geographic
  •    ◦ Political Affiliations
  •    ◦ Contact (mailing, phone, e-mail)
  •    ◦ Vote History

We additionally enhance our file with:
  •    ◦ Voter Scoring
  •    ◦ National Change of Address Processing
  •    ◦ Address Standardization & CASS Certification
  •    ◦ Geocode & Census Block Assignment
  •    ◦ Landline, Cell Phone and Email Appends
  •    ◦ Organization/Coalition Lists
  •    ◦ Consumer Data (lifestyle, financial, etc.)

Need data outside of what's listed here? Contact us to find out if we have access or can perform ad-hoc data acquisition/ingestion.

our team

We're a small team of technologists, data experts, and politicos spread across three timezones. Our collective career experience includes the RNC, NRCC, NRSC, IRI, Apple, Mozilla, IBM, Bain, and many others.

ready to join the cause?

Interested in political data? Have political (advocacy, campaigns) and/or technical (software engineering, API, database management) experience? We’re hiring! Please send resume and a brief statement of your interest to jobs@thedatatrust.com.

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